Solder Wires – 50GM


High-quality Tin Soldering Wires, meticulously crafted to provide exceptional soldering performance for a wide range of applications. With a diameter range of 0.50 mm to 3.00 mm and conveniently packaged in 500 gram reels, these soldering wires are an indispensable tool for professionals and hobbyists alike.

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  • Precision Soldering: Our Tin Soldering Wires are engineered to deliver precise and reliable soldering connections. The carefully selected tin composition ensures consistent melting and excellent wetting properties, allowing for seamless solder flow and optimal joint formation.
  • Versatile Diameter Range: Whether you’re working on delicate electronics or robust metalwork, our soldering wires offer versatility with a diameter range spanning from 0.50 mm to 3.00 mm. This variety empowers you to tackle projects of varying scales with confidence and finesse.
  • Enhanced Conductivity: The high-purity tin in our soldering wires guarantees superb electrical conductivity, minimizing signal loss and maximizing the integrity of your connections. This feature is crucial for applications involving intricate circuitry, such as PCB assembly and electronics repair.
  • Low Residue: Say goodbye to messy and unreliable soldering. Our soldering wires are formulated to leave minimal residue, promoting cleaner and more professional-looking solder joints. This is particularly advantageous in applications where excess flux and residue can cause performance issues.
  • Easy Handling: The 500 gram reel packaging offers a user-friendly experience. The manageable weight and compact design ensure hassle-free storage and transportation, making our soldering wires a convenient addition to your toolkit.


  • Electronics Manufacturing and Repair: Our Tin Soldering Wires are an excellent choice for soldering components on printed circuit boards (PCBs), ensuring secure and durable connections for various electronic devices. From smartphones to laptops, you can count on our soldering wires for precise soldering in intricate spaces.
  • Automotive and Aerospace: Soldering is a critical process in automotive and aerospace industries. These soldering wires find their place in manufacturing and repairing electronic systems, sensors, and components within vehicles and aircraft, contributing to the safety and reliability of these technologies.
  • Jewelry Crafting: Create exquisite jewelry pieces with confidence using our soldering wires. The range of diameters allows for detailed soldering work, enabling artisans to join precious metals with precision and finesse.
  • Metalwork and DIY Projects: Whether you’re building prototypes or crafting metal sculptures, our soldering wires offer the strength and reliability needed for durable connections in your metalwork projects.

Invest in the reliability and precision of our Tin Soldering Wires, available in a range of diameters from 0.50 mm to 3.00 mm, and packaged in convenient 500 gram reels. Empower your soldering endeavors with confidence and achieve outstanding results in electronics, automotive, jewelry crafting, and various metalwork applications.


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