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XL4016 Step Down Buck Converter


300W 10A DC-DC Step-down Adjustable Constant Current Module may provide variable output voltage ranges ranging from 1.2V to 30V.

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XL4016 boasts a remarkable 300W power output capability, combined with a maximum current supply of 10A. Say goodbye to fixed voltages and embrace the flexibility of an adjustable output voltage range that spans from 1.2V to 30V, granting you complete control over your power requirements.

With the XL4016’s intelligent heat sink integration, it effortlessly handles continuous operation even under demanding loads. Experience unwavering stability thanks to the onboard multiturn potentiometers, enabling high-accuracy voltage and current regulation. Your precision adjustments translate into reliable performance across diverse scenarios.

The XL4016 shines as a versatile workhorse, making it an ideal choice for various applications. From battery charging across multiple voltages like 12V, 9V, 3.6V, and 24V, to driving LED drivers and empowering vehicle power supplies – the possibilities are endless.


Key Features:

  • Maximum Power Output: Harness up to an impressive 300W for your power-hungry projects.
  • Maximum Current Supply: With a robust 10A current supply, never fall short on power delivery.
  • Adjustable Output Voltage: Customize your output voltage effortlessly within the expansive 1.2V to 30V range.
  • Step Down (Buck) Converter: Efficiently reduce your DC voltage with our advanced buck converter technology.
  • Precision Control: Onboard multiturn potentiometers ensure pinpoint accuracy for voltage and current regulation.
  • Heat Sink Integration: Seamlessly manage high power demands with the integrated heat sink design.
  • Versatile Applications: From battery charging to LED drivers and beyond, enjoy the flexibility of a multipurpose module.


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