Metal Desoldering Pump


The ultimate solution for efficient and precise desoldering – the Metal Desoldering Pump. Crafted with precision engineering and designed for convenience, this professional-grade tool is an essential addition to any electronics toolkit. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast, an electronics hobbyist, or a skilled technician, the Metal Desoldering Pump empowers you to effortlessly remove solder and salvage components with utmost precision.

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  • Robust Metal Construction: Our Metal Desoldering Pump is built to last, featuring a sturdy and durable metal construction that ensures longevity and consistent performance over time.
  • High Suction Power: Equipped with a high-powered vacuum mechanism, this desoldering pump boasts remarkable suction force, making it capable of quickly and effectively removing solder from circuit boards, components, and joints.
  • Easy-Press Plunger: The ergonomic design of the plunger ensures a comfortable grip and effortless operation. Simply press down on the plunger, position the pump nozzle over the solder joint, and release to create a vacuum that pulls the molten solder away.
  • Precision Nozzle: The precision-engineered nozzle offers pinpoint accuracy, allowing you to target specific solder joints with ease. Its slim profile enables access to tight spaces, ensuring thorough desoldering even in intricate electronic assemblies.
  • Quick-Release Mechanism: Emptying the collected solder is a breeze with the quick-release mechanism. Effortlessly dispose of extracted solder by simply detaching the reservoir from the pump body.
  • Easy Disassembly for Cleaning: Maintenance is hassle-free thanks to the tool’s modular design. Disassemble the pump effortlessly to clean its components, ensuring consistent performance for your desoldering tasks.


  • Electronics Repair: Whether you’re mending a broken circuit, replacing a faulty component, or upgrading hardware, the Metal Desoldering Pump is your trusted partner in precision solder removal. Safely and cleanly extract solder from PCBs, connectors, and soldered joints without damaging delicate parts.
  • Prototyping and DIY Projects: Bring your creative electronics projects to life with ease. The Metal Desoldering Pump assists you in correcting errors, making modifications, or salvaging components during the prototyping phase, ensuring your designs are executed flawlessly.
  • Electronic Upgrades and Modifications: Stay up-to-date with the latest technology by desoldering and replacing outdated components. Upgrade your devices with confidence, knowing that the Metal Desoldering Pump enables you to complete the process efficiently and professionally.
  • Educational Labs: Whether you’re a student or an educator, the Metal Desoldering Pump is an invaluable tool for learning and teaching electronics. Explore the intricacies of soldering and desoldering techniques while maintaining a safe and controlled environment.

Invest in the Metal Desoldering Pump today and experience the convenience, precision, and reliability it offers. Elevate your electronics projects, repairs, and innovations with a tool designed to exceed your desoldering expectations.


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