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Genzyug  now sets up labs in schools and colleges! Kids get cool kits, teachers guide them in building robots, making learning fun and hands-on. Let’s turn classrooms into creative spaces with Genzyug Lab Installations!



Genzyug extends beyond components, offering lab setups for schools and colleges. We guide teachers on integrating our components into their curriculum, empowering them to inspire future innovators. Elevate education with Genzyug hands-on learningsolutions.

a complete
electronics lab solution

Genzyug is your all-in-one source, providing high-quality electronic components, tailored student project materials, cutting-edge Robotic products, and comprehensive lab setups, accompanied by expert guidance for an enriched learning experience


How does it work?


Connect with us via email

We will contact with you through email or meeting .


We visit your Place

We visit your school, set up the lab, and provide materials


Guide your teachers

Guide your teachers on usage and teaching methods


Assist in lab setup

Assist in lab setup and schedule planning. Monthly visits for ongoing support and guidance.

Government Appreciation

 Indian government acknowledges and supports the implementation of robotic labs in schools, recognizing their pivotal role in enhancing practical skills and critical thinking among students. This initiative aligns with the government’s commitment to fostering innovation and technological literacy, paving the way for a more dynamic and skill-centric education system. As these labs become catalysts for change, the government’s endorsement emphasizes the importance of hands-on learning in shaping the future of education in India.

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Genzyug goes beyond component supply by offering comprehensive lab setups for educational institutions. We visit schools, set up labs, guide teachers on usage, and provide ongoing support through monthly visits.

Simply reach out to us via email to initiate the connection. We will then visit your school, set up the lab, guide your teachers on using the materials, assist with lab setup, and provide ongoing support with monthly visits.

Genzyug contributes to the development of young innovators by providing tailored project materials for students, setting up labs in schools, and guiding teachers on effective teaching methods, fostering a culture of hands-on learning and innovation.

Genzyug ensures ongoing support for educational institutions through monthly visits, offering guidance on lab maintenance, assisting in curriculum adaptation, and addressing any queries, fostering a sustained and effective learning environment.

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