Arduino Uno R3 Development Board


The Arduino Uno R3 is a popular microcontroller board used in Embedded electronics. It has 14 digital input/output pins, 6 of which can be used as PWM outputs and 6 as analog inputs. With a 16 MHz ceramic resonator and various essential components like USB, power jack, and reset button, it’s easy to work with. The built-in LED is handy for testing, and its voltage regulator ensures compatibility with various input voltages. Just upload the code, and it’s good to go! Perfect for both beginners and experts in electronics.

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Package Contains: 1x Arduino UNO R3 (Eco-friendly casing)


  • Model Type: UNO Rev R3
  •  Microcontroller Chip: ATmega328P
  •  Operating Voltage: 5V
  •  Input Voltage (Recommended): 7-12V • Input Voltage (limit): 6-20V
  •  Analog I/O Pins: 6
  •  Digital I/O Pins: 14 (6 with PWM output)
  •  PWM Digital I/O Pins: 6
  •  DC Current per I/O Pin: 40mA
  •  DC Current for 3.3V Pin: 50mA
  • Clock Speed: 16 MHz
  • SRAM: 2KB
  • EEPROM: 1KB (ATmega328)
  • Flash Memory: 32KB
  • On-Board LEDs: On/Off, L (PIN 13), TX, RX
  • Dimensions: 75 x 54 x 12 mm


  • Embedded input-output
  • Data capture
  • Motor control
  • Robotics
  • Small embedded applications and developments
Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 68.6 × 53.4 cm


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