Ultrasonic Diffuser With Wooden Cool Mist Humidifier With Free Aroma Oil


  • Aromatic Bliss: The DiamondAura Aroma Diffuser fills your space with lovely scents by dispersing mist from your favorite essential oils added to its 150 ml water tank.
  • Colorful Lighting: It features inner LED lights that can cycle through a spectrum of colors or remain fixed on your preferred hue, adding a charming touch to your room.
  • User-Friendly: Operating the diffuser is simple. One click activates continuous spray mode for 3 hours, while a second click activates interval spray mode, lasting 5 hours. Another click turns off the spray.
  • Energy-Efficient: Designed with energy conservation in mind, it consumes only 2W of power and can be conveniently connected via a universal USB interface, making it compatible with various power sources.
  • Portable and Compact: With dimensions of 4.09″ x 4.01″ and a weight of just 190g, it’s easily portable, allowing you to enjoy its benefits wherever you go.
  • Room Coverage: Suitable for rooms ranging from 10 to 13 square meters, making it perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and more.
  • Included Accessories: The package includes the Humidifier, USB Cable, Filter, and User Manual, providing everything you need to start enjoying a refreshing and fragrant atmosphere.
  • Enhance Your Living Space: Transform your environment today with the DiamondAura Aroma Diffuser, blending aroma, lighting, and home decoration to create a fresh, invigorating ambiance.



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