Lemon Grass: A Refreshing Summary


Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 - 4 40.00
5 - 9 42.00
10 - 14 40.00
15 - 19 7.5 % 37.00
20+ 12.5 % 35.00

In the dewy garden of the morning, scents of lemon and mint flourished, harmoniously and happily entwined. Sophia, a master blender, captured their essence as “Zesty Breeze.” The refreshing blend of citrus juice and cool mint, refreshed all who encountered the scent.

“Zesty Breeze” had the power to stir up the senses, evoking feelings of crispness and energy. Each bag is decorated in the vibrant colors of lemon and mint leaves, a testament to Sophia’s skill.

In a cool evening embrace, Sophia stood in the middle of her fragrant garden, appreciating nature’s bounty. “Zesty Breeze: Refreshing Essence” has become a favorite of rejuvenation seekers.

Its fragrance, of new, timeless melodies, went beyond the ordinary. And so, the story of “Zesty Breeze” continued, providing an invigorating experience for all who embraced its refreshing charm.


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