Arctic Mini Air Cooler


  • It is use in office ,gym ,kitchen ,lado gopal ,hostel student .
  • With a versatile 4-in-1 cooling system, the Arctic Air Ultra Pro evaporative air cooler isn’t just cool; It cools the air, purifies it, and acts as a fan, providing a complete cooling solution.
  • Easy to use, this refrigerator can spray cold air for hours, ensuring a good night’s sleep and a good rest. The lightweight design and soft night lighting make it perfect for uninterrupted sleep through the night.
  • Environmentally conscious, this refrigerator is a sustainable alternative to traditional Freon air conditioners, saving up to 90% of electricity in the winter months Packed with water and free of harmful chemicals, it’s a thoughtful gift for you, your family and friends during the hot summer season.
  • Enjoy cool, fragrant air with a portable air conditioner that meets the limitations of traditional fixtures. It keeps it very cool without drawing air through natural condensation, all without consuming the minimal amount of energy.


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